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When you are ready to make your business concept a functioning reality, you will need to make a choice of entity determination. Should you be a proprietor, or form a corporation, LLC, or other entity? Any attorney can form a corporation. While Mark Goodall has substantial tax background, it is just that experience that has brought him to the conclusion that you should include a good tax advisor on your start-up team.

The choice of entity decision should be made with the input of your attorney and your tax advisor. Your attorney can form the entity and your tax advisor can help you set it up. This kind of coordination at the outset will set the stage for the smooth operation of your business.

If your new business is going to include other members, you also need to give some thought to how you plan for a member deciding to leave. A CPA can be very helpful in assisting in determining how you would approach value issues in preparing a buy/sell agreement.

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